Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Virus Taking Over

I apparently have a virus in my computer. I'm getting all sorts of pop-ups warning me that I have spyware in the system. Apparently this virus is even interfering with my virus scan program, because it prevented the virus scan from finishing scanning yesterday. My virus program did detect the virus when it came it, but when I clicked on the appropriate button, that didn't help. I'm getting all sorts of pop ups warning me about the virus and telling me that I need to download some programs for $$ to deal with this. Well, I don't believe that because I'm sure that if they were real anti-virus programs, they wouldn't be so malicious. I guess they are wolves in sheep clothing, but the teeth are showing. The virus program is affecting IE more the Mozilla, so I can still use the 'net.

UPDATE: The wonderful man who usually works on my computer decided to go fishing in Canada for a week. Well, his son called me, so I was able to ask a lot of questions. Mostly I'm doing everything right but I still have the virus.

WARNING: Don't click on YES for pop-ups that say you are being attacked by spy ware. Whatever I have seems to be both a malicious spy ware program, but it is also the Trojan Horse downloader. Akkkk

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  1. Ooh, sorry about the virus. What are you going to do? I was catching up here so just now reading that you were over our way again, but certainly not at a good time!

    Speaking from my Long-Term Care Ombudsman days, Luther Manor was one of the nicest nursing home/assisted living type places in Milwaukee county. Their "dementia unit" is state-of-the=art, and one of only two I saw (out of over a hundred) that deserved the name.

    I hope you can stay home till we dry out some!



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