Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Discussion of the Dobson/Obama debate (?) in the news

Just as a disclaimer, I will say that I used to (28 or 30 years ago) listen to James Dobson on the radio and I read some of his early books. Even then, I thought that he had some good ideas, was Gospel centered, but also had a great tendency to over generalize and over state his opinions, even in areas where he was not an expert, such as medical information. He is called Dr. Dobson and he makes a point of stating in his bio that he was a member of the faculty in a medical school in California, but he is a PhD psychologist, not a medical doctor. Neither is he a theologian by training.

I found his child rearing advice helpful with my daughter but unhelpful with my son.

Currently he is in the news because his radio broadcast yesterday criticized a speech that Obama made two years ago. The commentators on both sides of the aisle seem to find his criticisms to be askew, even questioning what he meant or meant to do.

This article, by Jacques Berlinerblau, in Georgetown On Faith, seems to sum up the different ways that different groups use the scriptures in their arguments and addresses the current criticism of Obama by Dobson.

If you want some balance, check out Wallis . Also this Southern Baptist editorial. And here.
also here


  1. The base rule of thumb out there is if you don't have the same interpretation and understanding of Scripture you are distorting and misleading.
    Thus the debate will go on.

  2. I really want to say that Dr. Dobson has his heart in the right place, but I can't. When you have a "we're right and your wrong" attitude, your heart is NOT in the right place.


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