Monday, January 26, 2009

Finger Freeze and Wages

I was going to name this post Brain Freeze, but that wouldn't be accurate. My brain has been working just fine, and my emotions have been engaged. I've actually contemplated several topics to write about over the past couple of months that have caused me to have deep emotions. But for some reason, I can't get the thoughts organized enough to come out through my fingers. I've been having a problem with thinking that perhaps my emotional reactions to certain situations just aren't based on enough facts. That doesn't seem to inhibit certain TV personalities, though, does it? That is a negative editorial about many of the commentators on so called "new channels."

I'll state one of these topics as questions and see if I get any responses. How is it that some people (legislators, business executives, bosses, other politicians, commentators, etc.) can dare to suggest that other people earn too much money, when the ones doing the talking earns far more than the worker/laborer? Would those speakers like to help out the current economy by voluntarily reducing their own wages to that of the lowly worker?

I've even wondered if cyclical economic downturns are calculated to keep a certain class of workers at low wages because they have to be thankful for any job that they have. I'm not usually a conspiracy person. This downturn seems to have gotten away from the economic thinkers, hasn't it?

In contrast to what happens in many companies, my first job and boss had a different policy on pay of the worker. I worked in a take-out pizza place back in the day when minimum wage was about $1.30, unless one was a waitress who was paid about $1.10 + tips. I and the other part time workers in this restaurant earned $2.00/hour. The two full time workers earned $4.00/hour. This boss honored the work and commitment of his workers. He didn't take his new found success and move out to a large new house in the suburbs. I still marvel at his economic practice! In contrast, my son was able to get a job based on his college degree in a very large company with a very rich owner. He is considered one of the managers at his location. He earns less per hour than cleaning people make around here (my rural area.) The average worker that would be seen by the public makes half of what a cleaning person makes. Right now, I'm sure, everybody is glad to have a job.

Well, I guess my fingers have thawed.


  1. food for thought.

    I'm glad your fingers unfroze.

  2. People who get large salaries and lead their companies into bankruptcy should be open to criticism from rich and poor alike.


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