Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still below ZERO

That is ZERO Fahrenheit. This little cheap thermometer isn't accurate, you can get the picture.

We have 7:30 pm yesterday.

10:00 pm yesterday. ( I didn't have to leave the house.)

6:45 am today. No red even showing. But it isn't really forty below. The alcohol thermometer, which is supposed to be more accurate says only 38 below zero Fahrenheit.

Our windows are designed to capture the full winter sun, but none of the summer sun. This is due to the amount of overhang we have on the south side of the house. We pull down the insulated curtains when it is dark out and raise them when the sun is finally out in the morning. When we first raise the curtains, some cold air falls to the floor from behind the curtains, but after about 10:00 am, we will actually gain some heat from the sun, so it will get up to about 75 degrees. But meanwhile, we have both the wood stove going and the electric heat on.

I'm not going to start jogging today. Good thing that this has never been one of my New Year's resolutions.


  1. Got to love Minnesota in the winter. At 9pm on Wed. we are at -15 with a -42 wind chill...and yet I ran to the garage in a t-shirt and flannel pants to take out the garbage. Crazy I know.

  2. I'm not going to start jogging today, either.

    I left an award for you at my place...


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