Thursday, September 03, 2009

Electronic Medical Records, next

When I was at the consultant clinic recently, as mentioned in the previous post, I received a computer printout, handed to me as I left, of what had transpired during the visit. On that paper was written that I was to receive a new prescription, as discussed during the visit. It was never discussed. It was for a supplement that I've used for years, because my body doesn't processes this chemical efficiently. Too much or too little can cause a person to have major health problems. My intention has been to point out this error during my next visit, which won't be for another month and a half from the first visit.

Meanwhile, I went to my local pharmacy yesterday to pick up my normal prescriptions, which should include the supplement mentioned above. All well and good, until I realized that I was being given TWO additional bottles of this prescriptions. Fortunately, I knew better than to buy this and use it.

I know what happened. The admitting nurse at the consultant clinic had entered my prescriptions into the computer and inadvertently entered that this was a new prescription. The computer automatically, with no human oversight, sent the prescription to my pharmacy. To my dismay, there also seems to have been no human oversight in getting the "schedulers" at that clinic to call me to schedule future appointments and tests. Let's just say: Grrrrrr.

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