Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Newscasters and Reporters

There are so many news shows on TV, 24/7, plus the network news show, plus the local news shows that, I believe, there are a lot of reporters who aren’t quite up to what I would consider a minimum professional level. 


On one of the morning shows, the renowned anchor constantly asked a “fact filled” question, putting words into the mouth of the subject, leading him in a preconceived direction rather than letting him speak. 


On another network, the anchor, who I really like personally, asks questions that solicit emotional answers, but the anchor shows his own bias by making sympathetic remarks to the subject at the end of the interview.  These remarks are not out of line on a human level, but don’t fit any kind of mold where the reporter is trying to be unbiased. 


On the 24/7 news networks, the so-called news shows have “personalities” who go back and forth across the line between giving the news and commentating on the news.  I don’t mind those who clearly state their biases and editorialize overtly; that’s fair to the viewers.  But on some of the shows, the news people don’t draw the line.  I don’t think they see the line.  I always wonder if these people, who come out so clearly on one side or the other, are speaking for themselves, or if they are speaking for the moneyed people who own the network.  I wonder how much independent research they do before giving their pronouncements. 

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  1. I worry about the demise of our major newspapers. There are more an more opionator/"entertainers" masquerading as news reporters. And the political bloggers just link to the entertainers. Yuk!


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