Friday, September 11, 2009

My Health Insurance Company's Profits

And, no, I don't have options to choose from. And, yes, I have gotten good service from this company.

The Medical Quack: UnitedHealthCare Profits Doubled Compared to Same Quarter Last Year

The Medical Quack: WellPoint (Blue Cross) and Aetna Profits Sink – UnitedHealthCare Profits Doubled

3rd UPDATE: UnitedHealth 2Q Profit Doubles, Membership Declines -

UnitedHealth Group Q2 Profit Jumps 155% (UNH)-07/21/2009

UnitedHealth Posts 15% Profit Increase and Raises Its Full-Year Forecast - New York Times

United Healthcare Denies Coverage to Kids, Reaps Profit | NowPublic News Coverage

UnitedHealth profit soars 155% |

How The Profit-Hungry "Medical-Industrial Complex" Hurts Health Care (VIDEO)


  1. Ouch! Why did I suspect this?

  2. There is no question that there are health insurance companies where the bottom line is the money. There is a need for further regulation but I suspect there will always be crooks working around the system.


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