Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting Ready for No Technology

I have a dream, that is starting to look like it will be reality, that I will be able to visit a certain African country later this year. I'm in training. We basically have no sewer system, at present, in our house. And today we have gone from having a water problem to having no water. The best solution to that would be to drill a new well, which probably would have to wait for late spring. The repair man has one more thing to try, IF he has a certain old part on a shelf somewhere in his shop. He is not hopeful that he can fix the problem.

The place I want to visit has almost no electric service, even in the city, because of drought. The lake level has gone down so much that the hydroelectric dam doesn't function properly.

They only recently got a well.

Toilets? I can only imagine.

This place has a residential school for 300 teens. How did they even function before they had the well?

Taking a broad view of the situation, instead of an America-centric view, I am thankful that I can drive 1.5 miles to a laundromat and I can take a shower at the school. Lack of flushing will be the most trying aspect of the next few months.

Now, if someone takes away my electricity and I can't get onto the computer or run my sewing machine, well, then .... well, then I guess you won't be able to read my complaints.

(Blue font in rememberance of clean water.)

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