Saturday, February 24, 2007

Travel Pet Peeves and other thoughts.

I got back last evening from another of my 1000 mile trips to see my relative. I'm back before the double whammy snow storm is supposed to hit. However, we don't expect to receive snow here once again. We are still in a major drought, both from last summer's lack of rain and this winter's lack of snow. And yes, lack of snow is a problem because a good cover of snow is like a quilt protecting the earth.

My pet peeves: 1) Street-name signs at intersections that are small and hard enough to read in the daytime and almost impossible to see when it is dark out. Doesn't anybody realize that the purpose of signs is to communicate? There is no communication when the letters are small and the sign isn't near the street light.

2) People who pass me on the freeway and immediately pull over right in front of me so that I either have to slow down or tailgate. Hey, both lanes are wide open, speed up in the left lane, Ok?

I am very grateful that I can travel from one small town to another almost entirely on four lane roads. Our tax dollars at work for a good cause!

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