Friday, February 22, 2008

90 years Old!

My mom turned 90 today. The family party is tomorrow. She resides in an assisted living facility in a small city near the small Midwestern town where she was born, grew up, and later retired. During her married years, when raising her family, she lived in the big city. My family roots go back into the 1800's in this little town and several family members retired back to this town. They are now old and in poor health or just declining from age. We have lots of rich memories and love here.

When we are here, we stay at the home that my grandma lived in for about 60 years and my mother lived in during her retirement for about 30 years. It has lots of old house problems, which do become more apparent when the temperature is below zero. There are nine of us here tonight, including 2 babies and two toddlers. It is mostly fun, but the kids get stressed with all the changes and sleep disruption.

I just made two cakes for the party tomorrow. Apparently the oven thermometer isn't right. They got done about 25 minutes early. Ooops. I'm just glad I peaked in the oven. Maybe the middles will be fine. I hope that is the only problem with the party.

One couple won't be attending: my older sister just found out yesterday that she has liver cancer. Please pray for her and for all of us. One of the challenges tomorrow will be getting some of the old people out because there is ice everywhere on the sidewalks.

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  1. We will remember you all in prayer. Blessings!


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