Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl/Africa MONEY!

I watched the last half of the fourth quarter yesterday. Apparently I spent my time wisely.

Addition: I've been reading the news of Kenya/Uganda/Chad etc. on the 'net. These people are suffering! The political situation in Kenya has led the members of different groups to kill each other, but this has spilled over to killing, looting and burning of people/buildings/vehicles that have nothing to do with the groups in Kenya. For example, a LCMS church/parsonage/clinic was burned to the ground. Ugandan trucks crossing into Kenya for trade have been looted and burned.

The Ugandan people are greatly affected by the situation because their fuel (petrol and diesel) come from Kenya and normally, they export through Kenya. The price of gasoline is up to almost $20/gallon in Uganda. Tourism is down in both countries.

Why am I linking these situations with the Super Bowl? Because I've read about the millions spent on advertising for the game (not to mention the millions spent by the viewers and attendees) and I've thought, "That could help a LOT of people in Sub-Saharan Africa."


  1. AMEN...thanks for making the connection.

  2. One of these days I WILL write my essays about traveling to Uganda...

  3. Sadly, an attitude I encounter a lot around here is that people in Africa (no one seems to want to bother to even think of Africa as a very diverse continent filled with discrete cultures and countries) are expendable in the scheme of things. The other day I heard someone opine that "All those people do is have babies, kill each other and starve."

  4. The ELCA has two videos out about Africa. One is about forgiveness and takes place in northern Uganda. The other is about the Mashiah Foundation in Nigeria. I'll post them in a separate post if I can find the exact names.


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