Monday, February 11, 2008

Finished! Power Point; and Prayer Requests

Finished, and NOT at the last minute, like usual:

1) One stole for an ordination that isn't even scheduled yet.

2) One Power Point presentation by my husband. I didn't help, except to help find a few things on the computer, but when he was using the computer, I couldn't use it.

3) One Power Point presentation made by me, my first, to be given by both of us on 2/13 on the Lenten theme:
Living Simply with God (Matthew 25: 34 - 40)
nOur Small World and the Global Church
Welcome the stranger; Clothe the naked.

We are using the God's Child Project and Habitat for Humanity (both linked in the sidebar beneath the church pictures) as our examples and our photos from Guatemala and Uganda to illustrate the theme.

The biggest problem, after learning to use Power Point, was to try to limit the number of slides I will use. I decided to leave off the pictures of Global Village projects in Madagascar and Bolivia that I wanted to use. I will put the conclusion after the section about the incredible hospitality of the Ugandan people.

It is good to be reminded that having more goods and money don't make us better people. We were very blessed to be among Ugandan people who lived their faith and were comfortable expressing it in an every day manner.

Please join me in praying for Robert B, in Uganda,
who has been very sick. He is the director of the Royal College of Kamuli, and the Prince of Peace primary school So many people depend on him. Please pray for peace and reconciliation in Kenya because the situation affects not only the political parties involved in the dispute, but also the thousands who have been made homeless and refugees. This dispute is having dire affects on the neighboring country of Uganda.
LINKS for listed charities are in the side bar.

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