Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bright Eyes

That should read, "Bright; Eyes." It has been nice and sunny outside, leading to some melting of the snow, warming of the house, and, in general, a feeling of being very inviting to go out. Unfortunately, there is something wrong with my eyes, and I can't stand the sunshine. They have been bothering me somewhat for a month, and I've been assuming that I have a minor virus, but then just the last couple of days, I've been sensitive to the light, so now I have a doctor appointment scheduled for next week.

I'm looking forward to church services in the next few days, which will be indoors. This evening we are gathering at the Catholic Church for a Seder Supper. Tomorrow we gather at the Covenant Church for the Good Friday service. I am thankful that our pastors, at least some of them, work together to encourage the Body of Christ. Sunday will be quite a change as our choir, of which I'm a member, isn't singing. The director is on vacation.

I've been working on photos and creative sewing for a small art show I will be in next month. That is a new direction for me.

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