Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gorilla McMansion

This article tells the tale of the St. Paul gorilla who need an upgrade to his home. It is hard to get on board with this when reimbursements to our state's nursing home have dropped back to 1990 levels (inflation factored in.)

An excerpt from the article:

Now the zoo is asking for $11 million, mostly for the gorillas. That has rankled some lawmakers, who see it as a misguided priority.

"I don't have anything against gorillas per se," said Republican Marty Seifert, the House minority leader. Earlier this month, Seifert unsuccessfully fought to steer the Como money towards a fund that would maintain worn-down school buildings.

Seifert said $11 million in his town of Marshall could buy a couple dozen McMansions.

"We're talking granite countertops and chandeliers," Seifert said. "Is that what the gorillas are getting?"

Not exactly. But it definitely would be an upgrade.The current outdoor exhibit looks like a jungle gym in the middle of a concrete pit. Visitors must look down to view the animals.

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