Friday, March 28, 2008

New Direction(s)

My friend, who had an art minor in college, has always enjoyed painting. It was fun to see her collection of her own paintings when I visited her house. She is going to have an exhibit at a small gallery in town, and she invited me to be a part of this show.

My work consists of original fabric/sewing/fiber art/art quilting, and I also do photography. I don't have a lot that I can show, so I decided I'd make some note cards using my photos. My specialty is close-ups of flowers, especially with the background obscured or from an angle that gives an unexpected background. (Some photos here and here.) I've been wanting to do more with putting photos on fabric, so I'm busy working on that for this show.

The "new direction" is really in "putting myself out there," as they say. I've been doing photography for about 34 years and sewing since junior high, but with a more creative emphasis for the last ten years.

So, I'd better get off the computer and get to my sewing machine!

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