Friday, March 28, 2008

Today's inner dialog

“I’m going to a funeral this afternoon.”

“I really don’t want to go to a funeral.”

“But this is the funeral of my old neighbor.”

“There will be so many people there that no body will notice if I’m there or not.”
“If I didn’t go to the funeral, I have some place else I could go.”

“Well, since I didn’t out of the house to do the other thing, its too late anyway.”

“I guess I’d better get ready to go.”

“Well, I’m dressed. I’ve got the card ready. How early do I need to get there?”

“Dang. What did I spill on my blouse?”

“Ok, I’d better go so that I don’t have to stand outside.”

“Sheese, I’m selfish.”


  1. Going to a funeral is always difficult because it reminds us that we too will one day die. But the living draw support from one another so going is a good thing.

  2. echo what Dr. John said. I too don't like going to funerals, but afterwards I am always glad I went.


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