Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christ the King

I commend to you this blog post: Christ the King....Lord when have we seen you.


  1. I came over to thank you for your comments to my blog this morning and read the insert in this post -as you directed. Very good!
    I also read down a couple of your posts and was especially impressed with your post about your family, "mixed-race" families and racism. I guess in a manner of speaking, I am part of a very mixed family too -in my extended family. Two cousins, both children of first cousins of my Mom's -have adopted children from China. My youngest first cousin on my Mom's side and her husband have adopted four children, all from Korea and that cousin's oldest brother's daughter is married to a black man and they have a beautiful little girl. Thankfully, I don't know of any within my extended family that felt this was an issue with the adopted children, although I'm not too sure how some of my cousins may feel about the bi-racial marriage and child. I can only answer for myself and my kids as I know that was never an issue for us. When my cousin's daughter told me her fiance was black, I think she was wondering if I would have a big reaction but my response to her was simply "So what?" I'm quite sure though some of my Mom's first cousins, now deceased, would have raised more than an eyebrow though. It would have been their loss though had they been around when this girl married, had her beautiful little girl. I know her grandmother was quite upset by the marriage and I would bet my last dollar that her grandfather -my Mom's brother -would have been very angry. Even though my mom's siblings all professed to be non-racist, that would have been a huge elephant in the room with them. Different eras, much different perceptions of things is my theory there. I really enjoyed reading your blog and will be adding it to the list of those I follow now too! Hope you come back and visit my place again. I'll make coffee.


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