Saturday, November 01, 2008

The opposing thumb

Do you remember being taught in school about how the opposing thumb is what makes us better than the apes? That and our brains, but I do wonder about the brains when I read about how some of the candidates and some of the pundits twist what the other side has said. Well, I digress.

I have developed a pain in the thumb. I don't know if it is a strain, a strain, or perhaps, arthritis, which I do have elsewhere. I have both the heredity type of arthritis that makes the fingers point in all directions and the injury kind in my knees.

And just like when you get a cut on your finger, you discover just how often you use that finger, I have discovered just how often I need to oppose my thumb and forefinger with some force to hold something or open something.

Well, here's to aging.


  1. Not assuming anything, but your symptoms sound a lot like mine...aging is not fun and who thought we would get her so quickly in our short lives. Just in my late 40's but feel very much the say way you do. Blessings.

  2. I do not usually spend so much time on my computer, but today I have been in and out checking for a certain e-mail and have had fun playing blog tag with you..:)

  3. All my fingers have arthritis which makes card playing hard.


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