Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stolen from the Children's Sermon

(which may have been taken from an unknown source as well.)
A building contractor was going to be leaving on a trip, so he called his three employees into the office and told them of his plans.  Then he told the first carpenter that he was giving the man a very large tool box full of new tools that he knew the man would be able to use well.  He told the second employee that her new tool box was smaller, but it contained all that she needed to do some work while he would be away.  To the third employee, he gave a small tool box, but told the fellow that it contained a good quality hammer, screw driver, saw, and a few other basic tools.  Then he left.
The first employee knew that the contractor had a heart for the homeless, so he built homes for them.  The second employee knew that the contractor loved old people, so he did a number of repairs to the homes of the elderly in the community.  "And what do you think the third employee did?" asked our youth director?  "Build a dog house." replied one of the kids. 
Of course, those readers who are familiar with the lectionary know that Matthew tells us that the last "employee" hid his gift so that it wouldn't be lost.  The last carpenter never opened his tool box because he didn't want to get those nice shiny tools scratched or dirty. 


  1. My experience with children's sermons is that if you ask a question the answer you get will not be the one you expect.

  2. PS,
    I almost used this children's sermon myself, I found it here, although it could probably be found in other places, too


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