Saturday, November 29, 2008

Urgent prayer request for missionaries in Jos, Nigeria

I have received two emails from Mary Beth Oyebade, who is an ELCA missionary in Jos, Nigeria, requesting prayers for an to end the violence there and for the safety of the missionary community there. You can find some current information on her blog. Look for the posts from Nov. 28, 2008 and newer. With the terrorism currently happening in India, I don't expect much of this news to be on American TV. But I've read that at least 300 have died in Jos the first day of the violence. This is "pre-election" violence and may be targeting Muslims and foreigners.

There is also a website that explains the work that is being done and the history of their Mashiah Foundation.

We are friends with Mary Beth's parents and I have met her when her family has been in town visiting. We have purchased quilted items made by the women at the Mashiah foundation. You can see that here.

Please ask your friends and churches to pray for safety for the people in Jos, Nigeria!


  1. Lord in your our prayer.
    So much happens overseas that we're unaware of. My husband and I regularly pray for the safety of those serving overseas.

  2. We certainly will pray for them .

  3. We'll keep them in our prayers. It seems that so much of what happens in Africa goes unnoticed in our country.


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