Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Reflecting on Voting

I was reading a few blogs about other people's feelings about voting, which made me remember my first voting experience. The first time I voted was in 1972. I seem to remember that the voting age had just changed, so even though younger people could now vote, I was voting for the first time, though I was already technically an adult with a "real job" and living on my own. [Well, renting a room in the home of a family since being a beginning teacher didn't pay enough to live truly on one's own. I didn't even have a car.] My father died shortly before the election, so I had to register and apply for an absentee ballot, because I'd be going out of state for the funeral. The actual voting was not so dramatic because it was on the absentee ballot.

I'd have to look up exactly who was running for president each time I voted, but I do remember that almost always I've voted for the loser in the presidential election. One particular time, I remember going into a sort of depression because of who was elected president. We survived that period of time and many people consider him to be a great president, although I don't.

My husband has predicted that whomever wins this election won't win again in four years because the problems are so enormous and the promises have been too big. I predict that whomever wins doesn't have enough hours in a day to fulfill all the promises that have been made, so I hope that the new president will be able to inspire us all to work harder for the good of our whole country.

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  1. good reflections. you are probably right. (or, your husband is.) it will be interesting....


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