Thursday, August 06, 2009

Back to Work!

A number of the large employers in our general area have been on full or partial shut down for over half a year. One of these businesses layed off 590 people last February, but they just announced that they are recalling several hundred employees and restarting several production lines in the next few months. Lets hope that this will spread to the other closed businesses and also to the ancillary businesses in the area that have been really stretched.

The other big business (said with tongue in cheek) here is the tourist industry. Of course, that doesn't pay well. And since, weather-wise, this has been the summer that never came, I'm sure that the resorts can't be doing all that well. This is the first summer that I haven't seen any employment ads for resort cleaning people.

Even the school districts are hurting, with about half as many students as ten years ago. You can extrapolate what these tough times are doing to giving to area churches. My church is hoping to do a large remodeling project while there is some economic stress in the area, because we're hoping that bids come in quite low. Kind of sad to be selfishly hopeful about that.


  1. I hope we are seeing the beginning of the upturn.

  2. Up turn Yes! Sin at legislator-constituent meetings No! Apparently that approach only applies at meetings held by Democrats. These people needs a refresher course in the First Amendment. For Ely well tourist crowds in the summer and accoring to my friends twentyish unmarried daughter TOTAL BOREDOM in the winter. I guess I wouldn't know.

  3. Well, more to do in Ely than 50 miles west of Ely, but I'm never bored, since I'm active in lots of community and church affairs. And I was even busier when I had kids in school, but now I'm an empty nester. I don't believe in being bored, but I can see how a newbie to a community, young, without contacts would be bored out of her mind.


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