Thursday, August 13, 2009

How did kids ever get by before moms had internet?

My son and daughter-in-law moved, within the week, to a hot and humid state. The move went well, but there were some issues with their new apartment, so they couldn't move in immediately. And they couldn't move in even after 3 more days, even though the apartment management knew when they were to arrive. And they had a considerable amount of money invested in the deposit and first month's rent. Of course, they went looking for alternative apartments, even though there might be some financial ramifications for leaving the first place.

Meanwhile, expenses are adding up, plus they needed funds for the new apartment. Apparently, their banks back home must have decided that their credit cards were stolen, because the ATM machines wouldn't honor their cards and passwords.
My son has been on the phone with me numerous times this week, so I've been on the 'net trying to get some information to help them out: location of their bank in new city (oops, not in that state at all), laws about renting and getting one's deposit back (probably can't get the money, even though the apartment isn't ready), phone numbers of lawyers, just to name a few things. It is pretty hard to try to take care of business and find a place to connect to the 'net when one is new in town.

My husband and I couldn't help but reflect on how complicated life has become for young people. We were never asked for any detailed financial information when we were renting. We were never asked to have a guarantor for our rent. We didn't have plastic money, so there was never a possibility of getting cash quickly, nor was there a chance of easily going into debt. We did get married when we were both unemployed and the unemployment rate was high, but when we got jobs, we got good health insurance.

This situation also triggered a memory of my older daughter's move to a state out east. The day after she moved into her apartment with her husband and new baby, she took her husband to work for his first day at his job. She got her keys locked in her car when she got back to the apartment. She had no acquaintances there, was not within walking distance of any stores, didn't know her husband's work phone number, and had no phone book or internet connection. She called us so we could look up all the information on the 'net. Unfortunately, the phone number we got for her husband's work was wrong, so the best we could do was find a locksmith and also the phone number for the local police department.

I guess being resourceful these days is different than being creative used to be. Back in the day, as the kids say, I would have had to knock on doors to get help. What else was there to do? That does have advantages, even if it has more risks.


  1. The move from one age to another always carries trade offs. Some thinbgs will be gained and some good things lost.

  2. You nailed this one on the head. It is a different world parenting,communicating et. all. I am truly amazed watching my son and daughter in law juggle so many balls in the air all at once.


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