Sunday, August 02, 2009

Health Care Reform, Really?

Prescription: Sarcasm regarding health care reform.


  1. I'm s big sarcasm fan from way back, so I really enjoyed this. thank you.

  2. Unfortunately if the Fix News watchers read this (assuming they can read) they would likely take it at face value. A recent poll showed that Steven Colbert is very popular among the wingnuts as they fail to recognize what he is doing!

  3. tb: I got it right away because this is an issue I have familiarity with from many sides. I've wondered what would I do if my husband would no longer have health insurance? I don't qualify for anything, and I have had lots of ongoing chronic health issues (not serious, but nevertheless they need watching.) This link was on my facebook page and one "friend" said, "What planet is he from"


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