Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Word, misread

I was reading this article about the movement to shout down Democratic legislatures at meeting where the Congressmen/women want to find out the views of their constituents I misread the word "sign" as "sin." I think it fits. The Epistle lesson for this coming Sunday speaks to the issue of how we speak with one another. Ephesians 4:25 - 5:2.

First part of article:

Right-Wing Harassment Strategy Against Dems Detailed In Memo: ‘Yell,’ ‘Stand Up And Shout Out,’ ‘Rattle Him’

This morning, Politico reported that Democratic members of Congress are increasingly being harassed by “angry, sign-carrying mobs and disruptive behavior” at local town halls. For example, in one incident, right-wing protesters surrounded Rep. Tim Bishop (D-NY) and forced police officers to have to escort him to his car for safety.


  1. Hmmm. Interesting -not nice, but interesting never the less.
    And, these would be the same people who claim that the opposition never presents their views too -right? I think your initial take on the word "sign" as being "Sin" is pretty darned accurate. Actually, if either side is not allowed to express their point of view, that is truly a huge sin, is it not?

  2. This reminds me of World Alone people booing the bishop. It turned a lot of people off to their cause.

    But I think this is really the more the norm for everyone - just be rude and obnoxious.


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