Saturday, August 22, 2009

Heads will roll...

Follow-up to my previous post: I found a link on the clinic's website for asking a question. I asked, "How do I get a scheduler to call me and how do I get a call back from the department?" I signed my whole name. I received a quick reply, stating that the person would try to help me if I gave the department and my phone number. I wrote back with the whole story of having 4 people say that a scheduler would call, but after a week, no call, etc. But I also asked the question, "Do you think that this is what the providers expect when they want test done?" If there is a good reason for a delay, it should be communicated. I explicitly asked for no special treatment, but that there should be better follow-up in general.

I got a follow-up email saying that my email was forwarded to a department head. This was at 8:00 am. At 11:15 am, exactly one week from my initial appointment, I finally did get a call from a scheduler. I scheduled my appointment, then I asked her why she had called. She said her supervisor told her to call. I told her the whole story, so that she could understand the patient's point of view. I thought she was genuinely empathetic and understanding. She said she will personally follow up on some details.

But when I wrote that email, I thought to myself, I will just document everything and if they don't exhibit better customer relations, I'll send the info to the CEO. Head will roll.

BTW, I am always extremely complimentary when I write if there are positive aspects of a situation. I find I get better results that way.

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