Thursday, April 03, 2008

Baseball season again

Ok, so my team lost three of the first four games. Maybe I will get more done in the evenings this year. But my resolution is to figure out more things that I can do while watching the games on TV. And I just found out that my Bible Study buddy likes baseball, so we are planning to go to a game in the city and then we can stay overnight at each of our son's homes! Great plan.


  1. Baseball is best on the radio. I'm a huge baseball fan, but I can't watch it on tv. Baseball was made for radio.

  2. I wish we could get it on the radio. There have been issues with the station. When we did get it, it was on a weak AM station that usually gave up about in the 8th inning. Then for awhile, I couldn't find it on any station at home. Now a different radio network carries it, so we'll see.

    But the announcers have to be good. One of ours is, I think, in the hall of fame, but...well, longevity must have gotten him in.

    In any case, I'm paying a lot for satellite TV, and the announcers are very knowledgeable. I like them better than most of the national announcers.

    But even with watching so many games, there are still things I don't understand. My son knows everything about baseball. Now he wishes he had stayed with a communication major so he could try out to be an announcer.

  3. I alsoprefer to listen to baseball rather than watch it. I hope your team starts doing better.Bible study and baseball who ever thought they would go together.

  4. that's why my hubby was mad when they switched stations. I THINK your team is ours.

    husband is still grieving the loss of one of his favorite players; he hasn't been able to watch or listen yet.

  5. If you mean the CF, then, yes, I can understand the grieving. But tell your hubby that the new guy is quite exciting to watch. He has several stolen bases and scored runs already.


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