Thursday, April 10, 2008

Retreating at Home

Dr. John commented that I should "retreat" at home. I've already missed 5 hours and one meal of the retreat, and it was to go through Monday.

Well, I will try to work on the same projects I would have worked on at the retreat. I don't have as much stuff to transport, but I doubt that I'll be working on my stuff from 8:00 am till 10:00 pm for 4 1/2 days like we do at "camp." And, of course, it isn't the same as building the friendships as we do at camp.

This is not a spiritual retreat, but it is in a place that is usually for spiritual retreats. That makes things interesting in an odd way. We don't, for example, pray out loud before our meals, but we do talk in depth enough to learn what people's spiritual leaning are. We can't push our views as it wouldn't be appropriate, but maybe that makes us listen better. It just occurred to me just why pushy Christians can be so annoying: they don't intend to listen.

I'll have to cook at home. If this next storm hits, hubby will be home tomorrow, so maybe I can get him to cook.

Meanwhile, I'm still dealing with my eye trouble which just resulted in a quick trip to the pharmacy. The expensive soothing eye drops are not living up to expectations. Drops: $129, $12.99, $12.99.

It will be interesting to see where this second storm in one week goes. If it is south, they will get rain, if it is north, we will get snow. And the winds off the Big Lake are building waves up to ten feet high. That's called a blizzard, folks.

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