Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sunny Weather Followed by Possible Flooding

We’ve had nice, sunny, warm weather for a few days. The snow from those last two big snow storms has disappeared and we had some rain two days ago. The rivers and creeks are way up. More rain is predicted starting tomorrow. There is a flood warning for the general area, as the ground is already saturated. Spring floods are not the usual pattern in this area, although heavy rain later in summer has caused floods in the past. But we’ve been in a drought pattern for the past 2 – 3 years.

Our house isn’t in danger of flooding, unless we get about three more inches of rain, a possibility, or if the electricity goes out. Our sump pump has been running many times each hour for a few days. We had water in the basement in 1999, the year of the Big Blow Down, because the electricity went out then. We were not alone with the water damage. Many other areas of the US have gone from severe drought conditions to flooding in the last few years. There's no reason to think that we are exempt.


  1. Every time Betty complains about the rain I remind her that the farmer next door is happy.

  2. Well, the farmers are never happy about a flood, no matter what the month.

    I can see a LOT of water out of the windows in three directions.


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