Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happy as a Clam!

We are having a snowstorm, an epic snow storm, like in the novels about the settlers on the prairie. Unlike the southern part of our state and the neighboring states, we missed all the storms that hit since December. The forecast for this storm at first said that it would start last evening at 7:00 pm and last at least 30 hours.

We had planned to go to a wedding 70 miles north of here, on the Canadian border, and we did go. The weather looked fine, but we packed our jammies. At 10:00, just after the dancing started, we left the wedding party. We were quite fortunate to leave when we did, as the last 12 miles or so of our drive home was in blowing snow, but the road was visible. The last 5 miles was in snow so thick that it was impossible to see more than a few feet in front of the car and impossible to tell which lane we were in. I was glad to know I was close to home, especially since the first 50 miles of that trip home were in an area of no towns and few houses. Our own bed never felt so welcoming.

It is still snowing today. Snowing and snowing. This is a picture of one happy man, a man who LOVES snow. He is carrying a container so he can measure the water content of the snow.


  1. I hate snow. That storm missed us I think.
    When Betty and I were young and lived in Upper Michigan snow never bothered us but times change.

  2. you need the moisture, no?

    I'm glad it's not snowing here, but I'm glad you are getting it. we don't want another drought!

  3. Oh I love the snow and miss it very much. Here in SC it is about 70* and the pollen from the trees and bushes blows like a yellow cloud. Give me the white stuff any day!


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