Friday, April 11, 2008

Health Update

My mother, who went into the hospital on Tuesday, is improving slightly. She has been "fading" for the last month, apparently because her blood levels of various things are out of whack. But the reason for the change isn't known. She needs help to get up. She is not requesting interventions and is at peace with whatever comes, and she has always had a strong faith, so I'm at peace with whatever decisions she makes with my sister's help.

The eye doctor said that my eyes are improving, but I'm still using medicated eye drops. Unfortunately, I'm apparently allergic to several types of eye drops. My eye doctor has been wonderful about calling me because we've not been able to get to appointments. Did you hear? We had two major snow storms in one week!


  1. Glad your mother is a bit better.
    I pray your eyes would continue to improve.
    It is time for Spring and no more snow.

  2. All the best to you & to your mother. The LORD bless you and keep you.


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