Monday, April 14, 2008

Frustrations: Medical Care, Eyes, Internet

I shouldn’t even still be sitting at the computer, but I was trying to get a few things in order, clean up the email that I didn’t read over the weekend and get on with the day.

My mom was moved to the nursing home yesterday. That was a day after all things were arranged, but the doctor didn’t show up until late in the day to see her and OK things. This doctor normally goes to the hospital at 5:00 a.m. Everybody else got other things done and waited and waited. She is very weak and tired, so she will have to feel better and work hard at her PT to get strong enough to leave the nursing home to go back to the other facility.

My mother has had a Do Not Resuscitate ID band for over 1 ½ years, but it broke a number of months ago. Someone told me that they would take care of getting another one. Didn’t happen. She requested it again when she went to the hospital. Didn’t happen. My sister requested that the doctor order one. He said that the nurses would take care of it when she was discharged. At discharge, the nurse said that the nursing home would take care of it. The nursing home said that the doctor has to order it. My sister is going to locate the faded and broken band and see if it will suffice. We believe that an over the counter medication that my mom was prescribed may be the culprit behind her unfortunate decline in health.

My eyes look better to the eye doctor, but they are still very irritated and I’m still light sensitive. I am allergic, it seems, to a number of eye drops of various kinds. But the medicine eye drop, which was supposed to burn, didn’t bother me at all. I have to travel about 3000 miles in the next 1 ½ months, so my eyes could be a real issue.

I’ve used MyYahoo as my home page for 8 years, but yesterday, the internet kept redirecting me to a blank page on one browser and to the Beta version on another browser. I emailed Yahoo and actually got an answer. They told me to clear my cache, which I did, but it didn’t help, at least not at first. Now some of the cookies are all messed up for logging in. I think I finally got the computer/yahoo fooled into going to the correct MyYahoo, but tomorrow is another day, so we’ll see. I really hate the Beta version because lots of the choices to click on are in such a light type font that I can’t read them. And there are too many ads. I filled out the complaint form about 3 times, each time it popped up.

Good news: I’m getting ready to be in a little art show later this week.


  1. Nursing homes and doctors can be hard to deal with.

  2. sounds like a lot of frustrations right now. and your eyes... I'm having problems with eyestrain recently.

    I have to say, though, it would be great to see some of your art!

  3. Prayers for you and yours as you face these health issues.


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