Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baseball on TV

Baseball on TV: Relief from Dancing with the Stars, etc.

Relief from primary election dissection.

Relief from news of disasters.

And enough replay that I still have hope that I’ll understand the difference between inside out swing, pulling the ball, hitting inside oneself, and going to the opposite field. I’ve been told that if I would hold a bat and actually try to hit a ball, I might get this through muscle knowledge.

I’m still not sick of Bert lobbying to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame.


  1. Still not the same as being there live...

    I just bought my ticket package for the Braves. 16 games!

  2. No, not the same as being there, but then, I can just walk to my easy chair, put my feet up, etc. and not have to drive 200+ miles there and back, to sit in seats with not enough leg room for anyone, much less someone with knee arthritis.

    However, when the dome-less stadium gets built, the complaining will start again about how cold it is there in the evenings in April, late September, and October.

  3. I can't wait until baseball season starts. That way the Detroit Tigers can quit practicing and get on with the real thing. For the life of me I cannot remember spring training going on this long. Is it just me?


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