Monday, May 12, 2008

When will Glory return?

I think I’m down in the pits lately. And maybe with good cause. Hmmmmm. All these huge disasters, Myanmar, China, all the tornadoes. The snow, yes, we had three snow storms in April. Actually, we have had some snow the last five weekends.

Well, that is a small thing compared to the floods and tornadoes in other parts of the US.

But I’m also thinking of the rise in the cost of fuel and food. We can weather it, but our friends in Uganda don’t have the margin to fall back on.

I have several elderly relatives, all dear to me, who have some pretty touchy health issues. My mom is currently in the nursing home, where the plan is for her to get stronger and go back to the assisted living facility. My sister just realized yesterday that Mom can’t remember her assisted living apartment even though she has been away from there for only a few weeks.

Yes, there have been some good things happening. I was in a little art show. We attended three weddings where we got to see friends and relatives we haven’t seen for awhile. My eye infection has finally cleared up, although I’ve been left with some kind of allergies that affect my eyes. We attended our daughter’s college concert, and we will soon attend her graduation.

We will be traveling to the baptism of our second grandchild next weekend and seeing family again. I do have so much to look forward to.

I think that the early Easter, with its association with flowers, baby animals, spring, sun, etc. set up unrealistic expectations for me. Then after Easter, we had those snow storms. The grass is green, the tulips and daffodils are up, but not blooming, but the usual glorious May weather is taking its time arriving.

Jesus promised his followers that he would return. He is also, seemingly, taking His time returning. Did we understand His words incorrectly? Is He expecting something from us before He returns? Are we actually to follow the other things He said, not just sit and wait? We don’t have to look far to find people and situations where we can serve Him through serving them.

I guess I need to do more than just sit and wait for spring.


  1. I feel sad at all the terrible happenings as well.
    My mother in law used to forget her assisted living place when we took her to our house for a day.

  2. It does seem like there have been a lot of disasters lately. Some folks may not think it is much, but pray for those affected, and do do what you can to help.

  3. Man, I hear you. I am down in the dumps too. And I do think it was partly the early Easter and the danged cold, wet, snowy, late spring. I mean, for crying out loud it is soon to be June and it isn't really warm yet!

    I hope we all cheer up soon.


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