Thursday, May 15, 2008

This HEADLINE is supposed to be good?!?

McCain predicts Iraq War over by 2013

or lost by ___? Or declared won and we pull out by __ ? What does it mean to win?


  1. The Iraq war is a lose lose proposition. If we pull out and terrible things happen we lose and the guikt will be deep. If we stay and terrible things happen we lose and the guilt will be deep. There is no win either way.

  2. Maybe that's the nature of modern warfare. Or maybe that has been the way it has been throughout history, but in the old days, we had less news so we only heard stories of glory. I'm thinking about the old, old, old days.

  3. yes, good questions. And dr. john's analysis is depressing, but seems right on.

  4. I'm so "relieved" he has a crystal ball... not. :)


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