Friday, May 30, 2008

A random but fun meme

Eric has tagged me and the rules for this meme are fairly standard. Simply post the rules at the beginning of your post and answer the questions and tag five others to play along. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they need to visit your blog for the rules. And...of back to the one who tagged you (in this case it is your truly).

So here we go...

Ten years ago:
I was the mom of kids ages 18, 13, and 10, with the oldest one graduating from high school and going off to be a camp counselor. My middle one played baseball and I helped the coaches with the behind the scenes work, including keeping the books (keeping score.) That was fun, but we had to travel a lot for the games. At home I was chief cook and bottle washer, as well as gardener (flowers, not veggies too much.) I think I was still Sunday School Superintendent then.

Five things on today's to-do list:
Clean up my sewing mess because my grandkids will be here next week.
(2) Send some photos of my grandson’s baptisms to my mom and mother-in-law.
(3) Pack to go attend my youngest child’s college graduation from Gustavus.
(4) Call my mom.
(5) Vacuum.

Things I'd do if I was a billionaire:
This is a tough one but here are just a few things I would do (but not limited to these).
(1) Give more to charity.
(2) Travel back to Uganda.
(3) Send clothes to Uganda
(4) Send some books to Uganda
(5) Send some expensive school supplies to Uganda

(6) Get some food to Uganda

Three bad habits:
(1) I spend "too much time" on the computer.
(2) I eat too fast.
(3) I need to stick to the to-do lists I make.

Five places I've lived:
(1) Milwaukee, Wi

(2) Decorah, IA
(3) Cleveland, Wi
(4) Minneapolis, MN
(5) St. Paul, MN

(6) where I live now for 30 years!

Five jobs - plus 1 - I've had (the "plus 1" is MY addition):
(1) Pizza Restaurant clerk (that job paid $2/hour when minimum wage was $1.35/hour!)
(2) Office work (alphabetized bills for 8 hours/day!)
(3) Cafeteria lady (college)
(4) Pension Office worker, American Lutheran Church headquarters, Minneapolis
(5) Junior High teacher (Akkkk)
(6) Health insurance claims examiner

Five people I am tagging:

I am too lazy to tag people, sorry.



  1. It's funny to see a number of us who have the bad habit of spending too much time on the computer.

  2. Most of my friends haven't heard of blogs. I guess they don't spend too much time on the 'net. But they are more extroverted than I am.

  3. I like "not sticking with the to do list" as a bad habit.

  4. I did this same meme not very long ago.
    It is interestimng what you can learn about a person in such little bursts of data.

  5. I make my "to do" list short so I will feel that I did something.

  6. "To Do list" ??? Man I gave that up years ago.


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