Friday, May 02, 2008

Have Evangelicals Expressed Truth without Love?

This article tells about a statement called the Evangelical Manifesto which expresses criticism of some Christians for expressing their political views through/with their faith without regard for the Truth in the Bible. It will be interesting to follow this to see who has written it, who has signed it, and who refuses to sign it. For me, the article begs the question of what is the true meaning of the word "evangelical" and which truths of the Bible the writers think are being ignored.

While reading the article I couldn't help but think of some preachers I've seen snippets of on TV or heard on the radio. Granted I don't have a full assessment of them. My reaction has been, "You can't catch a fly without honey." I've had a more positive reaction to those preachers who did preach the law, but within the context of the Gospel.

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