Monday, May 21, 2007

Am I in the middle of a comedy TV show?

As I'm mentioned before, we've been without running water for 3 1/2 months. I've tried to keep a good attitude about this because, after all, we're better off than a large portion of the world's population, and cerainly better off than any of our ancestors not all that many decades ago.

We had a new well dug two weeks ago, but since we were going out of town, we didn't want it to be hooked up while we were gone, in case there were problems, plus we didn't want unknown people in and out of our house.

Today I called the 'XYZ Drilling Co.' to tell them we were back and please, put us on the list to get the rest of the work done. The rest of the work involves trenching in the water line, hooking up, installing the pump and pressure tank, and hooking up the electric line to the new pump.

The woman who answered at XYZ Drilling told me that we were responsible for getting all this done. Say what? Since we don't know all the specifics and since this means coordinating several different workmen, how can we take care of this ourselves? I said, "well, somebody with your company told me that you guys will contact the various contractors. "

She said, "That will be handled by the 'XYZ Pump Co.' I answer their phones too." [Sure enough, the phone book listing for both companies is the same phone number and same address.] So I asked her what do I do now. She told me she would tell the right men when they checked in.

I'm getting impatient. I want to know at least WHEN this will be finished. I have errands to run this week that I need to plan. I have two adult children coming home this week. I WANT RUNNING WATER!

What was that about bread being the staff of life? Maybe water is the STUFF of life.

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