Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Seven things about me.....

AKA...Seven Things You Really Didn't Want To Know About Me
And Because Of That You Never Thought To Ask

I think that this is the first time I’ve ever been tagged directly for a meme. I was tagged by Singing Owl. My computer is acting very badly today, so this may be the last known communication from me ever. Well, I’ll be out of town for a week, so I won’t be writing much, if at all, anyway.

1) My life has centered around water, lately. We’ve been without running water and adequate sewer for over three months. This tends to be annoying, but I’m trying to keep a good attitude because……..well because much of the world’s population lives in a worse situation than I do. And because having indoor plumbing is a relatively recent convenience. Plus it is more than a little humbling when I spouted off with complaints the first few days of this situation and found that the recipients of my complaints live like this in a permanent state. A new well will be drilled tomorrow! Blue for water.

2) Now that I am an “empty-nester” I would have thought that I’d be looking forward to traveling more. Well, yes (in theory) but I was away from home 79 days in the second half of 2007, and I’ve been away from home on three trips this year, with at least 6 more trips coming up. Mostly these are for family doings, which is great. I also have a trip planned to Uganda in November. But I realize that at heart I’m just a homebody. Love to be at home! Brown for the color of my siding on my home.

3) I sew. A lot. I often make things up as I go, without a pattern. Currently, I’m working on three quilts and some bags to attach to wheelchairs. I’ve got plans to sew some clothing. Note that this isn’t compatible with #2. I read about sewing topics. Teal because that is my favorite fabric color.

4) I love to take pictures, especially of flowers. I love having a digital camera for the instant feedback to help me improve my photos. I have another blog that was set up for my sewing interests, but it has mostly become a blog of photos of flowers, birds, and scenery. Gray for the color of my camera.

4.5) I also love growing flowers. This is a wild nodding trillium and my house.

5) I love baseball. I'm a devoted Twins fan, and I even subscribe to satellite TV just to watch the Twins. The magager of the White Sox called the Twins "Piranhas" last year. This year, they are proudly using that style as they get many infield hits. I helped coach my son’s baseball team for 7 years. Green for the grass of the outfield.

6) I first preached in a church about 20 years ago. I’ve done it occasionally ever since. I’d rather do that than work in the church kitchen. I’ve only led the worship once….not my cup of tea. Singing in the choir, however, is great. Brown for the color of the chancel furniture.

7) Since I have put a lot of thought and time into stewardship committee at my church, I find “feathering one’s nest” to be, in many cases, a poor use of financial resources when there are so many good causes that a person could choose to help. I live in this world and this society; I’m not doing without. What things do I “need” and what things do I just “want?” Do I give out of my need or out of my abundance? When is it OK to own lots of clothing? When should I refrain from spending and put that into a charity? Purple for trying to keep God’s prioritities in this world.

I'll have to put off tagging somebody else till later.

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