Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Worship or being fed, well, not really........

I (we) attended the church of a family member on Sunday. This church is in a denomination which has, basically, the same doctrine of my denomination, however, it doesn't mix with other groups much, if at all. So we didn't (couldn't per instructions in the bulletin) take communion.

But we could worship and be fed by the Word, right? Well, that was hard. Really hard. There isn't much liturgy in this church, so I didn't get the usually time of praise that I am used to.

The hymns were out of the "new" hymnal that is supposed to be more geared toward younger people. Well, it looked to me like they were sort of old standards from other groups and camp songs. But, I'm sorry to say, when a song that the youth in my home church likes because of its content and peppy melody is played at less than half speed, it kind of sounds like one is putting the Spirit into the grave rather than singing in a spirit filled way.

The sermon theme was on evangelism, as it was Evangelism Sunday. The most concrete thing that the pastor said is that evangelism happens when the usher smiles when he hands you the bulletin. He said we don't have to go door to door. I was really really hoping to hear some new ideas on personal evangelism. Where is the depth?

The last time we attended this church, the other pastor preached on how God always takes care of us and nothing bad will ever happen to us. My companion said, "Well he wouldn't preach that the Sunday after the Tsumami."

So, it was really really hard to keep my mind and heart in the right place. I left feeling unfed and barely worshipful. How does this church keep two pastors employeed and three services every weekend?

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