Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Supporting Friends

My son was home to visit the son of the woman whose funeral was last week [mentioned in the 4/23/07 posting.] My son was friends with this woman in the sense that he often visited at their home when he was in high school. I've been very impressed with the closeness that my adult children exhibit with their hometown friends. They keep in touch, get together in the big city, and they support and help each other. Having cell phones is a big part of this because they can communicate even in the process of moving from college to a new apartment.

My daughter was able to come home in the middle of the week to attend the funeral and see the two children and the step daughter, with whom she is friends.

I was away for the week, but yesterday I was able to have a heart felt talk with the woman's mother, who is my friend.

My son has had 7 friends die untimely deaths (car accidents and also carbon monoxide poisoning in a home) and also two mother's of his friends have died. He is a person who is very good about keeping in touch with us and with his friends. He really understands the concept of our fleeting mortality. A few weeks ago, my son was home to play basketball in a men's tournament put on in memory of 5 of these friends. Men's teams came from all over to participate and there was a pig roast. The money raised was given to a local church for their youth work.

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