Saturday, July 19, 2008

Genuine Article

Have you seen the beer commercial where the producers set up a situation to test people's honesty?

In one scene, the bar tender gives back way too much change. Most people keep it without saying a word. When someone finally tells the bar tender about the mistake, he is celebrated for his honesty; he is the genuine article. In another version, they leave a cell phone on the seat of a taxi until someone not only notices it, but also calls the cell phone owner and makes the taxi driver drive to the owners office.

Well, we had something similar happen for real today. A woman found my daughter's wallet, including all the money and credit cards, on a sidewalk in a town a few hours drive away from here. She called here at 7:00 am, making three long distance calls to us, but that was after calling another county's sheriff's office first because she mistakenly thought our address was in another county.

Then I had to try to contact my daughter, which I eventually could through leaving voice and text messages and calling her friend's father. My daughter got the wallet by about 8:30 am. I can't imagine what she would have done on this trip if she had found herself at a gas station in some other small town with no money and no credit card and not knowing anyone there.So here's to a GENUINE ARTICLE named Sharon in central Minnesota.

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  1. There are honest pepople in the world. More than we are lead to believe by a media that concentrates on the bad people.
    Glad one of them found your daughter's wallet.


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