Friday, July 18, 2008

A week and a half later...our anniversary dinner on the deck

A week and a half ago we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. Actually we didn’t celebrate because I spent most of the day and all of the night sleeping. I’m not one who likes to nap, nor do I sleep all that well at night, usually, but I had a bug. My anniversary supper, lovingly prepared by my life-love, was a piece of toast, a small bowl of chicken noodle soup, and a cup of hot water [aka tea without the teabag.] My head remained foggy for a week, so I still didn’t feel like doing anything special.

Yesterday we received a package with an anniversary present from our daughter: a photo album about our early years together with recollections from some family members. What a lovely, personal gift!

The clouds cleared in time for us to eat on the deck, and we opened this gift, in the presence of our other daughter who already knew about the album. What fun to relive those early years. How nice to see some of the family when they were still quite healthy. What hair we had! The kids must think we were hippies. Or did everybody look like hippies in the 70’s?

Because my head had finally cleared, I remembered that I had actually bought a gift for my husband, so I gave that to him last evening as well. He had surprised me on our day with four plants; I had said I hadn’t gotten anything.

Thirty five years ago I never would have imagined the adventures we've had!


  1. Happy anniversary. Love builds so many great memories and makes all of life an adventure.


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