Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just in Time: The park at the shore of Lake Michigan

It's a good thing I walked down to the shore and to the little park yesterday. Today I noticed that the local civic club is setting up tents and stuff for a festival this weekend. It is a fishing derby, but I think the majority of people who attend, go for the beer and the brats, the friends, and the music. Yeah, you can also see what fish people are bringing in to be weighed. They can be big salmon, I guess. Well, I like brats, and I like beer, but not a pitcher of it. Fishing is theoretically OK, but not going on that big lake in a small boat. And I don't like mingling in that type of crowd without a friend. The music will be drifting in through the window when I need to get some sleep tomorrow night. I'm just glad that this house isn't one of those that is on the edge of that tiny park.

And every body there will also be very glad that the place doesn't stink of dead fish and seaweed. I was asked in the previous blog post comments if it usually stinks. No, there are probably more good days than bad days. It depends on the wind, among other things. Of course, if the wind is coming from the west and it is the time of year when the farmers are spreading manure, well, then there is another odor. This is, after all, America's Dairyland. And all of that is part of God's World.

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  1. I know what farmer's fields smell like after the manure. But your right it is part of God's nature.


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