Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Economic Revival, on the way

I posted in July about how the economic downturn has effected my immediate family. Well, things are on the verge of looking up, it seems. Last child has moved to a town that hires many workers for the winter tourist season. Middle child, who lost employment because of the economy [actually the boss said that they were going to hire a woman who would be paid less; you will train her,] is in the last steps of being hired for a job that actually required the degree he earned in college, and which provides benefits. DIL-2B has a part time job san benefits, of course. First child will be starting a part time interim pastor position, sans ordination. After 4 years of seminary, an internship, and two seminary graduations, she is more than ready to serve and proclaim God's love for all of us.

How great it was to get phone calls about these changes!


And what do you think?