Friday, August 08, 2008

Summer's best and a worry

The last two evenings I had supper with friends at two different pot luck picnics. The weather was perfect, the company interesting and supportive.

I became scared late yesterday when I started seeing funny black spots, lights, and other abnormal things with my right eye. I'll be calling the eye doctor first thing this morning. I hope I can find an eye doctor to see today. I may have to go to my family doctor to get something set up. This could mean lots of waiting room time and lots of driving today.

My youngest comes home today after an trip alone to two western states to visit friends. She has adventure in her spirit: She has visited all continents except Antarctica and South America. She has driven alone and worked in several different states. Her next adventure is moving to the mountains. Ah the freedom of youth, and why not? She just turned 21!

In the past I've been an Olympic-a-holic. I'm not sure I want to sit and stare that much this year. We'll see.

Eye doc says see him Monday. Unfortunately, he doesn't have an opening in the morning at the office that is 2 miles away, so I'll have to travel 25 miles in the afternoon to his other office.

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