Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Legs Are Too Long!

I have been amazed lately at how long I've gone between posting on my blogs. I read other blogs and respond frequently. I think often of some things to write about. Some topics might just be of interest to others. But after I've read a few blogs, I'm often ready to get off of the computer chair and get moving.

That's because my legs are too long. I have arthritis in my knees and in one ankle. When I sit too long, I'm extremely uncomfortable when I try to get up and my right leg is very weak. My computer desk is upstairs, only a step and a half from the stairway, and one of these days, I'll forget how weak I am and I'll fall right down that stairs.

Last week our church had Bible School. I was a helper, my favorite role, although in the past I've been a teacher and even the coordinator of the whole thing. The total number of kids who attended was 55, and I didn't get an official count of the teachers, but based on my memory of who I saw, I think we had about 25 adults and older teens teaching and helping.

I was encouraged to see who these volunteers were. They included two retired teachers (a couple) who helped in the kitchen. There was a retired pastor and his wife who were in the Bible Quest room. She said that it was a neat thing for her because in their churches, she had always done the music, not the Bible teaching. There were several teens and young adults who have been taking part, helping and teaching for the last 4 years or so. There was a retired art teacher who not only coordinated the arts and crafts, but also was able to gather the materials for almost no cost. She brought her husband and his friend to be teachers as well. There were some grandmas and grandpas who brought their grandchildren, and some of them stayed to help.

There was a lot of energy and preparation put into this week. With the coming and going I've been doing with my extended family in another state, I didn't have the time or energy to do the preparation. That's why I'm a helper. I helped in the art room. And there, I was bending over quite a bit. My legs are too long. I got a back ache that plagued me all last week and still isn't completely gone. Well, better the backache than the headache from preparation. These really are my legs!

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