Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fox News says:

DENVER — Mindful of the pitfalls of hosting cocktail parties while Gulf Coast residents are being evacuated, John McCain’s campaign suggested Thursday that Republicans could postpone their upcoming national convention in St. Paul if Tropical Storm Gustav makes landfall over the weekend.”

Considering all the work that has been put into the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul, I would guess that there would be more than a few people put out if this happens. And considering that there was a right leaning commentator who asked (tongue in cheek or not???) people to pray for rain tonight on Obama’s speech, this is certainly an interesting development.

Since the Republican Convention is in MY state, I have more than a passing interest in how it all plays out. And should our governor, Pawlenty, become the Veep pick, well, I’m just about ready to say, “Good Riddance” except that I wouldn’t want him to be a heart beat away from the presidency. He presents himself well, but his fiscal policies have deeply hurt some of the institutions that affect me personally: nursing homes (scores have closed), libraries (hours shortened considerably), schools (funds cut, cut, cut), state parks (hours of the Park Rangers have been cut to the point that some have moved out of state.) They’ve even cut back on the guys who paint the lines down the centers of the highways. All these changes took place before the current financial situation, when incomes and spending in the private sector were still good, so they are now magnified by the downturn in the economy. BTW, Pawlenty in the spell check comes out Aplenty, and we don’t have a plenty.

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  1. I don't know the situation of your governor or your state. But I remember when the Democrat replaced the Republican as governor in Michigan. She had to cut, cut, cut because of the spejnd, spend, spend of the previous administration. In a state budget social programs take up the largest amount of the budget and if you have to cut then you have to cut there.


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